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Your demons
Your darkness
The devil's own spawn
Drawn and quartered
Torn and tortured
And yet you go on
The darkness
It shapes you
It molds
It transforms
Your beauty
So soft
So warm
The demons
They linger
They prey and they pry
Tearing at sanity
Feeding you lies
Unrelenting their evil
They won't got away
Their master has chosen
To own you one day
Your fight is unending
You scratch and you claw
Sometimes you falter
But never fall
You battle his army
Refusing to drown
Refusing forever
To share his crown
Your strength
It inspires
Your darkness
A light
You need not go solo
Just speak the word
I'll fight them beside you
I'll be yours through the night
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From the noise
From the pain
Her ears hurting more than ever before
It is almost constant
Building and building
As soon as he arrives
Their peace is broken
Swears and slurs
Hollers and shatter glass
In the corner
In the shadows
As small as she can be
Trying to forget the world
Forget the pain
In her sanctuary
A creak and a boom
The light invades
Her sanctuary is her prison
The monster invades
The monster stalks
She weeps with her memories
Soon to be repeated
A pain in her wrist
A tear as she is crushed
A feral scream
Over before it began
Thick drops on her face
The weight removed
The monster is gone
Her hero’s embrace
She weeps as well
Mother finally slew the beast
Finally over
No more hiding
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A sapphire
Jewel of the night
And tempting
A marvelous sight
And yet shining
But whole
The key to my heart
The lock on my soul
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Eternal Hellfire - Chapter 1
Aurora looked around cautiously as she stepped out from her hiding space in what used to be an alley.  Walking around at night was a risk, but she had yet to find a suitable place to stay the night that would protect her from the light drizzle and the harsh wind.  She had never been in this area before, but after a half an hour of watching and listening she felt secure searching the area further.
The formerly busy square was now reminiscent of a graveyard.  The entire area seemed void of life.  Of the many buildings surrounding the square, none of them stood at their full height.  Several piles of rubble from dilapidated buildings spread into the square.  A broken fountain sat in the square’s center. In its current condition, the statue of an angel at its center was barely recognizable.  The angel’s head been knocked off and was lying on its side in the murky water that filled the base of the fountain.  One wing had been torn complete
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Bloody Buttercups
A field of gold
A land of wonder
Buttercups swaying in the wind
Friends frolicking
Laughing with joy
The epitome of hope
A flash of silver
A sadistic smile
Tore flesh
Inhuman laughter
A field of broken dreams
And bloody buttercups
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Tell Me Who You Are
I’ll tell you where I come from
But tell me who you are
Show me the path to your soul
Open your wounds
Unburden your heart
Unsheathe your mind
Give me the pieces to your puzzle
Tell me who you are
I’ll tell you my journey
And show you your destiny
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Of Love and Lose
I once loved a phantom
Always there
Always just outside my reach
She brought me such radiant joy
Followed by such mind crippling pain
My angel
My tormentor
My phantom beauty
Ages her memory haunted me
Leaving invisible scars
And unreasonable emotions
Driven me inward
Afraid of even the slightest hope
My only solace
Knowing that it was all only a dream
Never any substance
Never within my reach
Nothing but a phantom
In time
A light broke though my shell
Persistent and determined
Unphased by my hesitancy
So real
So vivid
So alive
She gave the day new color
And chased away the night
A true bliss
Only possible when someone
Truly cares
A lose
That was much more real
A much different
And deeper pain
To lose something so fulfilling
Leaves you hollow inside
Hard to imagine
Ever getting past it
But those are the ups and downs
Of love and lose
:iconnooj-deathseeker:nooj-deathseeker 1 0
A Love to Never Let Go Of
There are few times in life
When you find a heart
That truly makes you happy
A soul that touches yours
And transforms both
To an entirely new color
A heart that fills your mind with joy
Brings comfort with whisper
And euphoria with a touch
Combined as one
An embrace that you are unable
And unwilling to ever split
A heart forever smitten
A soul willingly given
A love to never let go of
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The one thing that can bring you up to heaven
Then drop you to the bowels of hell
The heights of euphoria
To the depths of loneliness
From a bright future
To an unknown nightmare
The greatest thing to have
And to lose
The hardest to find
And hold on to
It can find you without warning
And be torn away when just quickly
Without it
Life is a struggle to find it
To understand it
A hope that it will come back
Often more painful than losing it
A mystery
We cannot live without
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Watch the Blade
I watch the blade
Run me through
Time quickly flows away
I feel numb
Too shocked to notice the pain
My life drains
On my knees
Vision fades
Hilt against my chest
Flickers of memory
Last breath
I watch the blade
Slide from my chest
Then darkness
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Hope for the Hopeless
In the end
There is nothing left to fight for
When the battle is hopeless
To hope is naive
You must lick your wounds
You must move onto the next journey
And hope it will be a victory
Put your effort into what can happen
And not what is already lost
In the end
Hoping for the hopeless
Is simply pausing life
Moving forward
Continuing to fight
Is the only way to find victory
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Sorrow Rains Down
Sorrow rains down
Like ashes from the mountains of hell
Through thoughts
through hope
Searing the mind
Scarring the soul
Plagued by the storm
By confusion
By uncertainty
Soaked by the pain
Where does it come from?
When does it go away?
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Alabaster Skin
Your alabaster skin
Radiates heat under my kiss
Your longing coo
Guides me to your bliss
Pure yet tainted
Cold yet warm
A gasp of shock
At the upcoming storm
A growing blush
Control is lost
An influx of pleasure
Priceless the cost
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Spark in your Eyes
In the light
You smile at me
Shy and mischievous
Such a spark in your eyes
In the night
You lie with me
Ravenous and wild
Such a sparks in your eyes
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If Only I Knew
If only I knew
How to get over you
If only I knew
How to move on
If only I could
Stop feeling so lost
If only I could
Stop this heartache
If only I knew
Where I went wrong
If only I knew
Where our paths parted
If only I could
See some hope in the future
If only I could
See my life without you
If only I knew
Why I can't get you off my mind
If only I knew
:iconnooj-deathseeker:nooj-deathseeker 1 1
Time is Done
Guild me through the darkness
Hide me from the light
I'm tempted by the day
But enveloped in night
Cast out from the shadows
But scared of the sun
Traps in between
Until my time is done
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It took me forever, but I finally finished rewriting the first chapter of my book.  Now if i can only keep up the momentum.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My name is Lance. I'm from northern Maine and there is not much to do up here. I'm a junior in college and i have a 4.00. I am going for a double major in business management and accounting. I've always been a bit geeky. I read a lot and write some. I like video games and anime. I try to go to the gym for at least an hour everyday I'm on campus.

I have been working on my writing a lot lately. I am trying to write at least 5 poems a week. In addition to that i am working on a series of fiction/sci-fi novels. I appreciate an comments and critic you have to offer as well as any favorites. i hope you all enjoy.

Current Residence: Maine


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